ATC Elects New Board Members at January 2009 Meeting

Board Attendees: Rosalie Pryor Escamilla (President), John Escamilla (VP), Vera Ferguson (Treasurer), Benita Asher (Secretary), Todd Sargent (Member at Large)

Other Attendees: Sue Davis (USTA), Lestor Herrera (USTA), Derek Madden, Michael Dunlop, Mike Daly, Jim DuCray, Christian DuCray

  1. Introductions and Election of New Board for 2009

    Officers for 2009: Rosalie Pryor Escamilla (President), John Escamilla (VP), Vera Ferguson (Treasurer), Benita Asher (Secretary)

    Members at Large: Derek Madden, Jim DuCray, Christian DuCray

  2. Financial Summary

    Treasurer Vera presented a financial summary and the group discussed some ways to continue to make Junior Team Tennis profitable. Also discussed collecting ATC dues.

  3. Junior Team Tennis

    ATC has sponsored 4 seasons (2 Fall and 2 Spring). Spring seasons have higher turnout; it is easier to do the publicity since kids are already in school. The following details were decided for Spring 09 JTT Season:

    • Match Dates: April 4 - May 16 (no match April 11) Saturday afternoons (time depends on # of enrollees & flights)
    • Practices start week of March 23rd
    • Registration opens ASAP and closes March 6
    • Team Organization meeting to set up rosters March 10th 5:30 at City Hall (Mike Daly, Mike Dunlop, Rosalie & Derek...others welcome)
    • Player evaluation day March 7 (for new players or those wanting to move up a flight)
    • Plan to offer two on-site registration days at Play It Again Sports (date & details TBD) - Derek, Rosalie, Vera, Mike Daly and Mike Dunlop all willing to staff tables
    • Early bird special - free youth racquet to first 20 NEW PLAYER registrations
    • Rosalie & Benita will do "personal" equipment inventories, John E. will inventory the shed and we'll get the total inventory to Derek for planning purposes. USTA generously donated some materials & equipment for our season, so we may not need to buy anything.
    • Benita will conduct a coaches training workshop March 14th 9-noon at Argonaut
    • Benita will receive the mailed in registrations and give checks to Vera. She will work with USTA on the league software
    • Brenda Bayer will handle USTA memberships
    • Rosalie will handle purchasing t-shirts, award and any other equipment needed
    • Mike Daly will work with USTA to have a JTT banner made and hung on Main Street in February
    • Benita will work coordiante publicity with flyers, reg form, web site updates and newsletter

  4. Capital Improvement Projects

    Todd Sargent has been researching options for resurfacing at Argonaut. One estimate has been received from Bruce Sheldon:

    • $25,000 per court to resurface, fix net posts. Add $10K to re-level sloping corner on court 1
    • $3500 per court to fill cracks and recolorize
    • $50,000 per court to build new courts from scratch including fence
    The group decided to get a feel from the ATC membership on which project to target, and build a fundraising plan around that. Meanwhile, we are going to try to organize a volunteer work day in spring to do some court repair & maintenance (Todd to get date from Dave Harris).

    Other capital projects mentioned included bathrooms & water fountain, depending on finances.

  5. Events for 2009

    The group brainstormed events for this year:

    • Junior Team Tennis April 4-May 16
    • Rapid Rally May 9
    • Junior Tournament - non-sanctioned in early summer
    • Tennis Block Party summer evening -- all welcome
    • Columbus Day tournament (October) -- target is adults, but we may include our experienced "teen" players...TBD

    We also want to do one more hard-copy newsletter but then switch to a more frequent email-only newsletter. Benita will begin working on the newsletter ASAP.

  6. Wrapup

    The board will strive to meet quarterly in 2009. Rosalie will suggest a next meeting date via email.

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