ATC Board November 2010 Meeting

Board Attendees: Rosalie Pryor Escamilla (President), Jerry Beeman (VP), Vera Ferguson (Treasurer), Benita Asher (Secretary)
Other Attendees: Mike Daly, Dave Ferguson, John Escamilla, Kim Nielsen, Bill Condrashoff

  1. Treasurer's Report
  2. Old Business - Argonaut Court Restoration Project

    Ball hoppers may be chipping the paint. Will work to educate everyone to be gentle when picking up balls with hoppers.

    Cracks are starting to appear in corner where pavement was cut out to fix the sag on court #2.

    The group discussed a court cleaning schedule for next summer after the rains stop. Tabled to January meeting.

    Discussed "tennis shoes only" signs. Mike will follow up.

    Discussed "MLL Champs" banners for fence. Mike will follow up, possibly getting help from Argo boosters.

    Scorecard holders are missing on back courts since new net posts were put up.

    Light on court 1 is flickering and going out. Bill and Benita will follow up.

    Drinking fountain supplies have been bought; Bill and Benita to do installation.

    Pop-up shade tents are broken beyond use and Jerry will dispose of them. We may discuss buying new tents next spring/summer.

  3. Old Business - JTT Recap

    49 kids enrolled, 48 participated. Successful season despite rain.

  4. New Business - JTT 2011

    Discussed only having a spring season (possibly longer) to reduce strain on volunteers. Will try to offer clinics, etc. for the kids in Fall. Will discuss more at our January 2011 meeting.

  5. New Business - Backboard

    The board voted to donate $555 from the O'Loan camp + $445 max from JTT funds to put with the Argo tennis team's $600 raised from their bowl-a-thon. This should be enough to purchase backboard and install on back fence near garden (court 4). Jerry will coordinate the installation.

  6. New Business - New Year's Brunch

    The annual New Year's brunch on the courts is once again scheduled for 10am 1/1/11. Details to follow.

  7. New Business - Fundraiser Tourney Spring timeframe. Discussion tabled to January meeting.
  8. Next meeting to be scheduled in January with election of new officers.