ATC Elects New Board Members at December 2006 Meeting

Below are the minutes from the 12/14/2006 ATC Board Meeting:

In Attendance:
Rosalie Escamilla, President
Bill Condrashoff, Vice President
Benita Asher, Treasurer
Emily Daniel, Secretary
Bob Devlin, Board Member at Large
also attending: John Escamilla, Todd Sargent, Emily & Neil Carlson, Vera & David Ferguson

  1. Financial Review
    Benita presented an Income/Expense summary for 2006. Current balance in ATC Checking Account is $2514.39. Current balance in City of Jackson's Tennis in the Parks fund is $1226.00.
  2. Review of 2006 Activities and Programs
    • February - Rosalie and Benita attended Community Tennis Development Workship in Hollywood with USTA scholarship assistance
    • March - Rosalie and Neil led after school program at Jackson Junior High (in conjunction with ACRA)
    • April - Recreational Coach Workshop sponsored by USTA. No charge. Some 20 people attended.
    • April/May - Benita led Rapid Rally Junior Olympic Skills Program at Detert Park. Free program started with two clinics and then the local competition. Culminated in 4 Amador kids winning gold at regional event in Sacramento, and Sarah Daly winning a free trip to Colorado where she won a silver medal in the national competition.
    • August - Rosalie led a two-week ATC summer tennis camp at Argonaut in conjunction with "Tennis in the Parks". About 20 people attended. Program broke even.
    • October - Kim and Rosalie led World Team Tennis Amador...Sunday afternoon competition and social event for adult players. Very successful and money went into ATC funds.
  3. Plans for 2007
    • Jan/Feb - WTTA reprise -- Is Kim willing to own and organize? Everyone like the format and Sunday afternoons seem to work well. Will have to include a rain postponement policy for this season.
    • Feb - Neil and Emily Carlson may travel to CTDW in Atlanta (pending USTA scholarship approval). The board discussed whether ATC would be willing to offer additional funds to enable the Carlsons to go to this event. Board was in general agreement, pending scholarship approval and Rosalie working up a budget/potential amount for the ATC contribution.
    • April 14 - Recreational Coach Workshop featuring national trainer Jason Jamison. Need good publicity around this event, which will again be FREE and ATC will possibly provide lunch. Rosalie will solicit attendees from other sectors, and we need to get parents and other volunteers at this event.
    • April/May - 6 Tennis or other Junior Tennis League (approx. 6 week duration with one weekday practice per week and one weekend match per week). Neil Carlson to own, Rosalie to help. Age groups 10 and under, 12 and under, 15 and under. No high school team players.
    • April/May - Rapid Rally Tennis at Detert Park. Free clinics April 21 and May 5, 1-3pm. Competition May 19 1pm. Benita is owning. Amador County Recreation Agency (ACRA) is sponsoring the other sports in in the Junior Olympic Skills, soccer, track & field...on April 28 at Jackson Junior High.
    • Summer - Tennis in the Parks. Possibly Junior Team Tennis League or Summer Camp. TBD.
    • Other ideas discussed - Adult tournaments...Spring and Fall, Ladder Competition, Mother Lode/Foothill Tennis League, "travelling" play against other sectors' CTAs. Group expressed interest in offering more events to get adults involved.
  4. Election of New Board Members The following board was elected:
    • Benita Asher, President
    • Neil Carlson, Vice President
    • Vera Ferguson, Treasurer
    • Bill Condrashoff, Secretary
    • Board Members at Large: Bob Devlin, Todd Sargent, Rosalie Escamilla
    Offices are effective 1/1/2007. Benita will work with Vera to transition the books and add Vera as signer on checking account, etc.
  5. Other Discussion
    • Facilities - Rosalie stated there are several avenues for funds for facilities improvements. Group brainstormed about some ideas/priorities: Backboard renovation at Detert and/or Argonaut, Court renovations at Camanche and Jackson Junior High, Resurfacing Courts at Argonaut, Lights at Detert, Windscreen and ways to block the sun at Argonaut.
    • Web Site - Neil is going to check on the cost to get an ATC web site up and running.
    • Email List - Group discussion about forming an email list so tennis folks can communicate electronically. May try to send electronic newsletter or other notifications. We have email addresses for about 1/3 of people on the roster (about 75 email addresses)
    • Dues - Only 6 people paid dues in 2006. Group discussion about how to more actively solicit annual dues. Vera suggested a form in the next newsletter to encourage folks to pay.