Amador Junior Team Tennis League
League Director: Dan Klement, 916-834-0021

  • WHO: Boys & Girls Ages 7-14. Sorry, no high school players.

  • WHAT: Co-ed teams play doubles and/or singles tennis in three ability levels. Beginners use large red low compression balls and a short court format, intermediates play full court with orange low compression balls, and advanced is regular singles & doubles play with rotation of teammates. No experience is necessary, beginners are welcome!
    Each child needs his/her own youth tennis racquet. ATC will assist with making sure every child has a racquet; let us know if you have questions about sizing or if you are unable to provide a racquet for your child.

  • WHEN:

    Seven matches on SUNDAY AFTERNOONS Sept 30 to Nov 11 according to the schedule below. We will give further details on who plays in what group each week.


    Rosters are finalized; your coach will be in touch with you about your exact practice start date -- likely the week of Sept 17.

    In general, we do not play or practice if it is raining or even if the court surface is wet (it becomes very slippery). Your coach will contact you if your practices are cancelled because of wet conditions.

    The league coordinators will decide if matches are not playable due to weather. We will send out an early morning email on match days to let you know match status. In some cases, we can play some of the groups or divisions, but not all of them. We try to play as many matches as possible, but also want to be safe.

    If you have to miss an occasional practice or match, please let your coach know in advance if possible.

    You will get your t-shirts before our first match, and there are no other uniform requirements except smooth rubber-soled (preferably light color) athletic shoes. Low/no tread is better than high-tread "waffle type" running shoes, which can be sort of "sticky" and easier to turn an ankle. This shoe requirement goes for practices flip flops, sandals, or cowboy boots! Intermediate and advanced players should have pockets or other way to hold one ball during play.

    Please bring your racquet, sun protection, and water to all practices and matches. If you do not have an appropriately sized youth tennis racquet, or if you have any other questions, please let your coach or Dan Klement know.

    Court Conduct Handout - Some tennis etiquette all players should know & follow!

    Our league is run completely by volunteers, and we depend on your support. Due to high enrollment numbers, we always need volunteer coaches and assistants. If you are a parent or high school player who would like to help out with a team, please email us or call 916-834-0021. You do not have to be a tennis player or have prior coaching experience to contribute! We will make sure you have the training you need.

    Coaching Resources Available Here

    Match Play Guidelines - Info for intermediate and advanced players about line calls & more!

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