Junior Team Tennis League
Coach Resources
Below are links to a variety of documents containing lesson plans, drills, games, and match format information for Amador's Junior Team Tennis League. Most of these were scanned from various USTA resources; if you need a printed copy or copy formattted for letter-size paper, please contact Benita at 257-1208 or email basher@volcano.net. We hope these are helpful as coaching resources!


  • Court Conduct
  • JTT Coaches Manual
  • Learn to Rally & Play
  • USTA Games & Drills
  • USTA Schools Curriculum


  • Match Play Guidelines - Info for intermediate and advanced players about line calls & more!
  • Intermediate Lesson Plans
  • Intermediate Orange Ball Format (timed)
  • Illustrated Rules of Tennis
  • USA Tennis 123 Program Guide
  • USA Adult Curriculum
  • Advanced Match Format (timed)
  • Skills assessment for intermediates
  • Skills assessment for advanced


  • Beginners Match Format
  • Munchkin Tennis
  • Beginner Lesson Plans from Benita Call 257-1208 or email basher@volcano.net if you need clarification