Amador World Team Tennis

Our informal WTT season is underway with 4 teams. Current results are:

ROUND 1“E” Team d. Ragtags 25 – 9
Rough & Ready d. Carlson 24 - 11

Rough & Ready d. Ragtags 24 - 10
"E" Team d. Carlson 25-12

"E" Team d. Rough & Ready 19 - 14
Ragtags d. Carlson 25-9

Rough & Ready d. Carlson 24 - 12
"E" Team d. Ragtags 23-12

Rough & Ready d. Ragtags 22 - 18
"E" Team d. Carlson 23 - 14

Rough & Ready d. "E" Team 20 - 15

"E" Team 135 Games
Rough & Ready 133 Games
Ragtags 74 Games
Carlson 58 Games

Each “match” consists of 5 events: Men and Women’s singles; Men and Women’s doubles; Mixed Doubles. On any given match day, a team may play 4, 5 or 6 players, but no fewer than 4 (no player can play in more than two match events). Once the league begins, you can only play the players who are registered on your team. Matches will be set up on a “weekly calendar” basis and it will be up to the team captains to agree on specific date, time and location within a certain timeframe. Matches may be delayed for scheduling purposes outside of the calendared week IF both captains agree and as long as the match is played prior to the end of the season. By and large, World Team Tennis Rules will apply. Don’t let these “rules” overwhelm you. We’ll pull out the basic rules for our local, recreational league.

Rough & Ready vs. E-Team