In order to ensure a positive experience for ALL players, we conduct assessments to ensure teams are properly balanced.


After you register we will help you determine if your player needs to be assessed.  If so, you will receive a signup link to schedule your private assessment. Several days/time options will be made available during and after the registration window and you will be able to reserve a time that works with your schedule.


Player does NOT need to be assessed if:

  • You are new to the league and would like your child (age 7-10) to play on a Beginner team.

  • You have played on a JTT team previously (ANY level) and plan to play at that SAME level.

  • You have received prior authorization by the League Director to advance to the next level.

DO plan on scheduling an Assessment if: 

  • You are new to the league and are 10 or over.

  • You are new to the league, age 7-10, and want to be assessed to play on an Intermediate team. 

  • You have played on a Beginner or Intermediate JTT team previously and want to move up a level.



Smooth rubber-soled (preferably light color) athletic shoes - Low/no tread is better than high-tread "waffle type" running shoes, which can be sort of "sticky" and easier to turn an ankle. No flip flops, sandals, Crocs, or cowboy boots!


Please bring your racquet, sun protection, and water to your assessment.

If you do not have a racquet or aren't sure what to purchase, please let us know ahead of time and we'll have a loaner for you. By the end of your assessment, you will know what to purchase!



Players wanting to move up to Level 4: Advanced (yellow ball) will be required to demonstrate specific tennis skills and competencies.


If your player is trying out for an ADVANCED team, please complete the registration and we will contact you with more info.


If your player has previously played on a Level 4: Advanced JTT team prior to this season, they are NOT required to attend tryouts.



Questions?: Contact League Director, Lyndsey Sammons or call/text 503-407-6608